Our program is a lesson that focuses on future skills based on STEAM education.
This program consists of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math which is also supported by Language, Music, Lifeskill, Social, and Wellness skills.

Equip children with new skills relevant to future industrial needs using the STEAM method that has been used and has proven to be relevant for future work have experienced teachers in teaching, national and international certificates learning in Educourse uses a blended learning system and is also supported by AR and AI technology so that the learning experience becomes very enjoyable.

Utilizing STEAM framework, such as Problem-based learning (PBL) and gamification in our classes. Providing our students and their parents with a chance to get a psychology assessment to find out the students learning style, as well as their family’s interests and talents. Holding a free weekly seminar for three levels of educational ecosystem—parents, school and children—to support our students learning process.

1. Determine the class you want to take.
2. Choose a class based on age (for those who have never studied before) or choose a placement test to determine the right class / level.
3. Choose a class according to availability.

1. Video material, E-modul, Quiz
2. Certificate
3. Psychology Assessment
4. Report / Grading