• STEAM Learning


  • Code: SCJGT01
  • Valid thru: Oct. 1, 2021 - Feb. 28, 2023
  • Synchronous

Material Video dan Pembelajaran Online Coding untuk anak usia smp

Course Details

This course was created to introduce student to the world of programming using the Scratch platform from scratch.mit.edu. They will only drag and drop the codes that are already available with various sprites and interesting backgrounds. This course will bring student to be able to think logically, systematically like the way a programmer thinks through fun activities.

Course Subjects (CS):

CS1: Creative Computing Introduction

CS2: Algorithm

CS3: Debuging

CS4: Loops

CS5: About Me

CS6: Paper Pixels

CS7: Shapes

CS8: Pixels

CS9: My Favorite Song

CS10: Dance Party

CS11: My Notes

CS12: Free Making Art

Learning Methods :

  1. Concept

  2. Step by Step

  3. Presentation

  4. Final Project

Course Topics

  • What is Creative Computing
  • What is Algorithm
  • What is Debugging
  • What is Loops

List Teacher In This Course

Fikky Aprico

Coding Teacher

Santi Puspita Dewi


Course Features

  • Quizzes: Yes
  • Assignment: Yes
  • Duration: -

Actual Price

Rp 800,000