Educourse.id is a technology education company in Indonesia that provides and provides various future skills courses. Courses supplied as a solution to accelerate the quality of learning by using a STEAM-based education that supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR technology (Augmented Reality).

Educourse uses World-Class Curriculum STEAM because it is proven to accelerate the quality of education in developed countries and prioritize practical knowledge and hard skills needed in industry 4.0 in the 21st century.

Educourse products include Coding for class Kids, Coding for Teens, Robotic STEAM, and English STEAM. Educourse has various foreign language classes as a supportive product with AI technology as a Learning Buddy or Speaking Buddy.

We collaborate with many schools to develop the market as complementary future extracurricular skills learning for students. Our advantage is that the first organization in Indonesia STEM certified from America with using advanced technology, namely AI (Intelligence) artificial) as a friend to study students.

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 Eligibility (Persyaratan :

● Able to teach OFFLINE class in Tangerang Selatan minimum 3 days a week
   (Bisa mengajar kelas OFFLINE minimal 3 hari seminggu)
● Knowing basic computer programming or Degree in computer, math and science - any branch.
   (Memiliki pengetahuan dasar pemrograman computer ATAU latar pendidikan komputer, matematika, dan ilmu alam)
● Interested in education specially K-12 education
  (Memiliki ketertarikan pada dunia pendidikan terutama usia TK-SMA)
● Must have analytical and troubleshooting thinking
  (Memiliki pola pikir analitik untuk memecahkan masalah)

4. Are you eligible? (Apakah Anda memenuhi syarat?) *


5. Location (Lokasi): *


Jobdesk (Pekerjaan):

● Teach Coding to the Kids from age group 6 to 14
   (Mengajar coding kepada anak-anak usia 6 sampai 14 tahun)
● OFFLINE teaching minimum 3 days per week
   (Dapat mengajar OFFLINE minimal 3 hari per minggunya
● Willing to participate in 1 hour teacher training+sharing session at least twice a week

6. Will you fulfill the jobdesk? (Anda akan memenuhi pekerjaan?) *


7. Pre-requirement (Poin tambahan)

Experienced in teaching coding for kids (Berpengalaman mengajar coding pada anak)
Proficient using visual coding platform such as Scratch orTynker (Mahir menggunakan platform Scratch atau Tynker atau sejenisnya)
Fluent in English (Lancar berbahasa Inggris)

8. The reason that you are fit to this job? (Alasan Anda cocok dengan pekerjaan ini?) *

9. Preferences (Pilihan) *


10. Curriculum Vitae Link (Max 2 Mb) *

11. Demonstration Video Link (Video demonstrasi pengajaran) *

Submit your 5 minute long demonstration video on teaching coding for kids. The video should contain screen and teacher video at the same time. Preferred platform visual block coding. Sample video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06VVOYsHaMU   (Kirimkan link video durasi 5 menit berisi demonstrasi mengajar coding pada anak. Video harus menampilkan layar dan guru sekaligus. Platform bebas tapi lebih diutamakan yang menggunakan visual block coding. Contoh video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06VVOYsHaMU)