Educourse.id is a technology education company in Indonesia that provides various future skills courses. Courses supplied as a solution to accelerate the quality of learning by using a STEAM-based education that supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and AR technology (Augmented Reality).

Educourse uses World-Class Curriculum STEAM because it is proven to accelerate the quality of education in developed countries and prioritize practical knowledge and hard skills needed in industry 4.0 in the 21st century.

Educourse products include Coding for class Kids, Coding for Teens, Robotic STEAM, and English STEAM. Educourse has various foreign language classes as a supportive product with AI technology as a Learning Buddy or Speaking Buddy.

We collaborate with many schools to develop the market as complementary future extracurricular skills learning for students. Our advantage is that the first organization in Indonesia STEM certified from America with using advanced technology, namely AI (Intelligence) artificial) as a friend to study students.

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 Eligibility (Persyaratan):

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, or similar technical degree.
  • Familiar with Arduino or NXT Robot.
  • Be creative and make learning exciting for kids.
  • Excellent communication, organizing abilities and time-management skills.
  • Experience in teaching middle and upper school for robotics classes
  • Knowledge of STEAM best practices.

4. Are you eligible? (Apakah Anda memenuhi syarat?) *


Jobdesk (Pekerjaan):

● Teach STEAM-based Robotic to the middle and upper school.
   (Mengajar bahasa Inggris berbasis STEAM kepada anak-anak SD sampai dengan SMP)
● Willing to participate in 1 hour teacher training+sharing session at least twice a week

5. Will you fulfill the jobdesk? (Anda akan memenuhi pekerjaan?) *


6. Pre-requirement (Poin tambahan)

Experienced in teaching robotic (Berpengalaman mengajar robotic)
Experienced in teaching children - any subject (Berpengalaman mengajar anak-anak, pelajaran apa pun)
Live in BSD, Tangerang (Tinggal di BSD, Tangerang)

7. The reason that you are fit to this job? (Alasan Anda cocok dengan pekerjaan ini?) *

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